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Plants Collection LIB4D library file for Vray 5 for Cinema 4D



After a very long work, we made 73 very useful Plants objects available for Vray 5 with one click.

Please read the description below first and for individual questions use this e-mail : info@c4dvray.com

Lib4d File:

If you buy this library, you will get 1 “lib4d” file. With “lib4d” you have all 3d models and textures inside in this file.

The lib4d file is total  3,98 gb and after buying you will get only one winrar file (3,45 gb)  to download.

We have prepared the  objects in  V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D ,  it works well only with V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D

These Plants objects  are very useful while working. 

How much objects is there in this library?

– 73 3D Plants Objects

Does that work with vrayforc4d 3.7 ?

– no ! it works only for V-ray 5

Ready for team render ?

– ı dont now latest situation in team render. ı have’t tested. 

How long can I download?

– lifetime

You have after download and rar extract  a “lib4d” file on your desktop now move this file to maxon / cinema4d / library / browser … then it is ready .. start program and navigate content browser, since you see c4dvray material library preset ….


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